our vision

a model school, an excellent generation for the nation.

our mission

to produce a generation of scholars featured with a distinct Sri Lankan identity, able to address the national goals of development to suit the technology of the day and capable of intergrating into the universal populace.

about school

Bandarwela Madya Maha Vidyalaya (Bandarawela Central College) is a public school in Uva province, Sri Lanka which was founded in 1942 as a section of Royal College Colombo. A national school, controlled by the central government (as opposed to the Provincial Council), it provides primary and secondary education. Bandarawela Central College has supplied many undergraduates from Badulla District to local universities.

The school educates nearly 5,500 primary and secondary students in Sinhala and English; students may choose their language of instruction. It is administratively divided into two sections: primary (grades 1–5) and secondary (grades 6–13). The school provides housing for boys and girls. Its students have performed well in Ordinary and Advance Level Examinations, rating highly[8] in provincial and island-wide rankings. BCC provides a variety of facilities, including science laboratories, an IT unit, a large playground, a library, auditoriums and sports facilities.

school history

The foundation for the establishment of the college was laid by a Japanese bomb attack on Colombo during World War II. In 1942, Forms 1 to 3 of the Royal College, Colombo were moved to Glendale Bungalow in Bandarawela,[7] where BCC stands today. In 1944, the Royal Preparatory School was also moved to the same place; in 1948, they were moved back to Colombo. After the departure of Royal College, a new school was established on its former premises. Beginning with a few buildings, the school grew; Glendale Bungalow was endowed to the school with its 26 acres (11 ha) of land. In 1954, Prime Minister John Kotelawala opened the college main hall and two-storey building required by the rapid development of the college. In 1958, it was renamed Bandarawela Senior School; in 1972, Bandarawela Senior College became the Bandarwela Madya Maha Vidyalaya (Bandarawela Central College). In November 1986 BMMV became a national school, the only such school in Uva Province. In 1974 BMMV‘s primary school became Bandarawela Darmashoka Vidyalaya; in 1986 Dr. E. W. Adikaram Primary School, Bandarawela was established and it became the Primary of the Bandarawela Central College .


1942 Colombo had its first Japanese Air raid on 5.4.1942 and it was a deserted city. Royal College had to be shifted to 3 private bungalows down Turret Road, Colombo 3. In all these buildings Air raid shelters were built. The College branch at " Glendale " , Bandarawela commenced on the 18th May 1942 with the permission from the Department of Education. The property at Bandarawela was owned by an English planter and it was leased out with the permission of the Government. Students from Form 1 to 3 [ Around 70 students altogether ] were accommodated at Bandarawela. Mr. J.T.R. Perimpanayagam was the Head Master. The other masters were Mr. L.R.Perera, Mr. A.C.Collette, Mr.H.R.Fernando,Mr.R.Rajaratnam and Mr. A.V. Mylvaganam. Mr. Perimpanayagam was in charge of the Hostel and the kitchen department was under the safe hands of Mrs.Perinpanayagam. There had been enough space for a small Cricket ground, Badminton and Volleyball courts. The bungalow had given a magnificent view of the terraced paddy fields and the railway line to Badulla below. From 1943 January , 4th form students were also incorporated. The Principal, Mr. E.L.Bradby also had travelled up once a month and had stayed a few days. The boys did well in Cricket , Athletics, Boxing, Football, Table Tennis , Badminton , Chess and Scouting. A School Magazine styled " Glendale " was also published between the period 1942 to 1948.. At " Glendale " also, the boys had the very same houses, Hartley, Harward, Marsh and Boake. In 1948 , when the war was over, nearly 100 boys and the Masters had come back to Reid Avenue. The new school had been formed at the same premises under the name " Bandarawela Senior School " in 1954.